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The Mayor of Xanthi

The Mayor of Xanthi

Completing forty seven years from the beginning of Thracian Folk Festival –Xanthian Carnival, I feel the need to express my thanks to the pioneers of the institution as well as to its continuers, who give their best self trying to preserve and rescue their rich cultural tradition, heritage and the rich contemporary cultural life until today .

At these difficult moments that both our home town and Greek society goes through, Xanthian Carnival which has imposed the philosophy of free expression, co-existence of both traditional and contemporary and the creation that recognizes, respects, be taught, inspired and seeks new ways and forms of expressions, adapts at these new conditions, without losing the luster that was obtained all these years, comes to give a small note of joy, so as that we all get away with the harsh reality.

The lively participation of all of us along with the admirable co-operation are the best guarantees for the success of the institution, bearing witness with this way that the point and the aim of the Festival remains unchangeable.

From Xanthi and the cultural expression of the Carnival, we send a message of unity and ambition, wishing that our home town, Xanthi, will continue to be a fountain of inspiration as the Carnival symbolizes regenerations to every sector.

Xanthians, being the best ambassadors of hospitality and culture, welcome all of you to the “Town of Thousands Colours” and wish you a pleasant and a happy carnival, full of culture and why not ; against the gloominess of the present and spirit.

Let yourself free to the tempting spirit of the Carnival and enjoy yourself with the events that with great spirits, yearning and fantasy the organizers offer you.

Michael X. Stylianides

Mayor of Xanthi